Saturday, December 22, 2012

Feeling Peace

The youth in our ward sang carols at several "old folks" homes last week for a service activity to celebrate Christmas. The kids were hyper and happy. They had only one more day until Winter Break. The adults were tired and subdued; it was the end of a long week, but we were glad to be part of giving service to those who need it dearly.
Our son, D, asked how singing could be a service to someone. I explained to him that some people live in retirement centers and rarely have visitors. They are older and may be sick or their friends and family may not visit enough, so having new faces come in to sing brightens their day. He seemed content with that.
As we sang I felt peace. Those we sang for were glad to have us. Some sang along or clapped. Others smiled and their eyes lit up. We received hugs, handshakes, candy, and positive comments. We were doing God's work and I could feel the love He has for each of His children---old and young. He knows us and sees us and loves us!
(Me, Grandma Thacke, my Mom in summer of 2009. Gran died in early 2010 from cancer.)
I also missed being around my Grandma Mildred Thacke. There's nothing like Christmas to remind us of those we have lost. Gran was a pistol---funny as can be and quick to have an opinion on EVERYTHING. (My hubby tells me that I remind him of her. I don't think I'm half as funny though. Just opinionated.)
I miss hearing about her life. I miss being able to ask her questions about the Great Depression, World War II, and Vegas in the early days. For a moment I forgot I would see her again. I panicked, but the panic was quickly replaced with peace again.
That peace is the knowledge that God sent His son, Jesus Christ to earth to live, die, and be resurrected for our sins. We will live on in spirit after our earthly death. We will be resurrected and our families will live together forever. Jesus ensured this for us. Our brother Jesus' life began in a humble stable and is celebrated by us as Christmas in December. Christmas is a holiday to celebrate His life.
I am so grateful for this poignant moment I experienced in a rest home just days before Christmas this year. It was a beautiful way for me to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.
Copyright 2012 Corrina L. Terry
Nativity picture:
Family picture: Corrina L. Terry

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