Friday, February 3, 2017

Why I Run

Why I Run

I’m up and out the door at o’dark thirty 
  before the rest of the world opens their sleepy eyes,
my Altra clad feet running to a beat only I can hear.

Through heat, cold, wind, rain, and sometimes weirdos,
  I run,
singing hymns and my favorite songs in my head
  and praying for those I love;
day dreaming of future days and memories I hold dear.

I don’t run for money or fame.
 There are no paparazzi following me,
no reality show to track my every step,
 no paycheck after a week of running.

I run to let my mind breathe.
I run to talk with God.
I run because I cannot fly.

---Corrina L. Terry
    December 29, 2016