Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blogging Again!

I'm blogging more often because a) it's Winter Break and I have time and b) I have a new laptop!

The picture above is my new baby. I love it! I needed a new laptop for classes I take for my post-Masters (only 10 more credits to go before I max out at Masters + 32 credits), but also to show church videos to the Young Women in my Laurel class. (My hubby got tired of me dragging his laptop to church every week.) Now I can drag my own laptop and blog whenever I want to! Yes!!!

You can probably tell it's sitting on my bed on my lap desk. I do my best thinking (and hopefully best writing) sitting here. Thought I'd give a realistic view of it.

I challenged myself to blog something EVERY DAY of Winter Break. I feel rusty and out of shape writing. It's been a LONG time since I've blogged or even written anything for fun on a regular basis.

Today I don't have anything profound to blog about, but my sister and her family is in town, RC Willey messed up on our dishwasher order, and I've been eating too much chocolate. Besides that---I have a new laptop! :o)

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Photo: Corrina L. Terry

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