Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

"Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night!"

It was a beautiful day. The only downside was that J was/is sick. :o(
We got to play, talk, eat, visit, and spend time with our family today. It was one of the best days of 2012! I love spending time with my hubby and boys and my big, crazy family. Just wish J felt better.
Merry Christmas! I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. He came to earth to teach us and to save us. I can't imagine how his parents felt holding him the night he was born. They must have been amazed and overwhelmed of Him and the responsibilities that lay ahead of them. I am also grateful to our Heavenly Father, who allowed His Son to come to earth and to die for our sins. He trusted Jesus Christ to do the right thing. We are so blessed that he did.
Copyright 2012 Corrina L. Terry
Photos: Corrina L. Terry and Unknown

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