Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Beacon

Magpie 50

I headed down a snowy road,
sure of the path I was taking.
Never doubted my course;
my will was strong,
I was certain of the choice I was making.

God had other plans for me.
He tried to state the way.
But so focused I was on the route,
I tromped on.
And didn't hear what He did say.

Startlingly, up in the sky,
A beacon I did see.
It pointed me towards the right,
Towards eternity.

I stopped and stared;
Much humbled,
And followed the sign He gave.
No regrets I've had,
Nor remorse I've felt,
For it was my soul He did save.

Corrina Terry
Copyright 2011
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Three Sisters

Magpie 49

The three sisters looked forward to ice skating. It was their favorite element about winter in Michigan. In the spring, summer, and fall they enjoyed long walks throughout town and hikes in the nearby woods. Covered from head to toe for protection from the winter cold, their feminine clothing masked strong, muscular limbs.

The three were spinsters; they made a living tutoring young people in their town and writing poetry and articles for women's magazines in the United States. They lived with their aged parents in a vast old Victorian.

Today as they headed to the frozen pond they had no idea their lives would change forever. Today they would meet the Miller brothers---three bachelors who enjoyed ice skating and were visiting family in the area.

Copyright 2010 Corrina L. Terry
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tissue Time

The picture above is an example of what I'm carrying around this week. My tissue box cover does not have such an interesting pattern as the one above does. Mine was created with crazy hippy yarn so it's a gillion different colors. My gran made it and I love it. I've had it since college so it's got lots of memories (and probably lots of cooties if I think about it.)

About once a year I get a major flu/cold. It always seems to hit around the new year. This January was no exception. (It didn't help that I have sick kids coming to school sneezing and coughing on me all day.) To top it all off, it's midterms week. I've got tests and papers to grade and grades to enter by Friday. Not the time to take sick leave. Sigh.

Instead I plod on into work, carrying my tissue box bravely. (I also discreetly cough and sneeze in the direction of those tweens who cursed me with this pox.) My head hurts, my throat burns, and my nose is redder than Rudolph's. NyQuil is my elixir. I want to die. I have to remind myself---this too shall pass. This too shall pass.

Copyright 2011 Corrina Terry

Friday, January 14, 2011

Blank Pages

Every year I contemplate the new year and resolutions. Honestly though, I don't usually make them at the beginning of the year; I make them all year long. I do like thinking about the new year as a clean slate though. It's a chance to do things better and to learn from my mistakes. My mom gave me this quote today that explains how I feel.

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day."   
                  ----Edith Lovejoy Pierce

May each of us open our books this year and fill our pages with experiences which make us better, happier people.

Copyright 2011 Corrina Terry
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not much to say . . .

Not much to say today. 

Chocolate's been on my mind though. (What else is new?) Chocolate makes the world a better place!

Chocolate covered strawberries make it an even BETTER place!

Can you tell I have a thing for Ghiradelli chocolate?

Copyright 2011   Corrina Terry

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Calendar Ideas

Every year I look forward to buying a new calendar to hang on my kitchen wall. This year my son, J, bought me a great one for Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised and love it!

That got me thinking . . . what if I could buy everyone I know a calendar? Here are some ideas I came up with.

For the (2) liberals in my life.
American Tea Party Wall Calendar

The many conservatives in my life.

365 Audubon Songbirds a Year Calendar    
 Bird calendar for Tiffany, my bird-loving friend.

For my office worker friends.

                                                                The sea lovers.

Ansel Adams 2011 Calendar >> Ansel Adams >>
The shutter bugs.

The cat lovers.

The busy moms.

Every tween and teenybopper who thinks this kid is talented.

Justin Bieber 2011 Wall Calendar

The rednecks.
Outhouses 2011 Wall Calendar

The nerds.
Lunar Year 2011 Wall Calendar

The dog lovers.
Yellow Labs 2011 Wall Calendar

My mom.

The trivia buffs.

Not my hubby! Maybe yours?SI Swimsuit 2011...

The Chuck Norris fans! (Who knew you could buy a calendar of this guy???)

Chuck Norris 2011 Wall Calendar

The gun lovers.2nd Amendment Wall Calendar

My dad. Ford Mustang 2011 Wall Calendar

Calendar 2011: Monet, ClaudeThe art lover.

For the horse lover.2011 Calendar, Draft Horses calendar 

I have no idea.
Tattooed Librarians of the Pacific Northwest calendar

Copyright 2010 Corrina L. Terry.
Photo credits: Various photographers and artists.