Monday, December 31, 2012

Conference Room Please!

J and I sit here in a conference room at the Brian Head Town Hall taking advantage of their free WiFi and to get out of the packed car. He's at the end of his cold and didn't feel like snowboarding with his brother and dad, so he's stuck with me!

We left Duck Creek this morning and the guys had a day of snowboarding planned. I had planned on a leisurely afternoon grading papers, entering grades online, and possibly curling up with a book somewhere. (No skiing for me. I'm babying my knees these days.)

The people here in Brian Head are super friendly and nice to allow us use of their conference room. (On New Year's Eve the Town Hall is hardly a bustling place.) I was able to spread papers out all over the conference table instead of my dashboard.

It's not how I expected to spend the last afternoon of 2012, but I'm glad J's with me. He's a good kid, even if he won't let me take pictures of him. I usually have to sneak them.

Brian Head itself is a gorgeous area, all season long. They have good food, lots of lifts, and even a tubing run! It's changed a lot since I last skied here in 1991. (Sad, I know.)

(Steve & D after a day of snowboarding.)

Happy New Year everyone! 2012 has been awesome!!!
Copyright 2012 Corrina L. Terry
Photos: Corrina L. Terry, Unknown

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