Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Missing Christmas

I'm not a huge winter/snow fan, but I love Christmas. From December 1st through Christmas Day, my radio is tuned into the "all Christmas songs" station. I sing, I hum, and I belt out Christmas tunes like a pro. Well, maybe not a PRO-pro, but I try.
I'm always a little sad the day after Christmas.
The presents have been opened.

The Christmas feast eaten.
Time with family is over and most people go back to work.
The radio station goes back to their top hits from the 80's and 90's.
But a tiny piece of Christmas magic still lingers in my heart. I can't wait until NEXT Christmas!
What will have happened in a year? How will things be? What fun presents will I find for my hubby and the boys?
I think back to all of my favorite Christmases and add yesterday's to my list.
We were relatively healthy. (Poor J.)
We were with family.
We were able to give our boys presents that they asked for.
We gave service and gifts to others. (The surprise ones were my favorite.)
We read about Jesus' birth from Luke.
We read President Monson's Christmas article and chose what gifts we would give the Savior and others this year. (A great tradition I hope we carry on.)
It was a Christmas worth missing.

Copyright Corrina L. Terry 2012
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