Friday, July 9, 2010

White Hair & Other Funny Things

In an effort to write funnier things (I tend to be too serious on my blog), I am going to share with you, my (one faithful) reader, funny things I hear today. I will be updating this blog posting until this evening, so if there's only 1 funny thing on my list below, check back later. Wish me luck! (I'm gonna need it.)

1. My oldest son holds a flashlight up to my head. (Picture this--I am seated at the kitchen table reading the funniest blog in the world, on my laptop. It is 9am and I have been up since 6am and haven't yet showered or fluffed my hair. Instead I have been doing laundry, putting dishes away, and reading The Blog o Cheese and laughing until I cry.)

My son Joshua has a great talent of knowing exactly what bugs me and commenting on it. (He's a snarky 10 going on 19.) When it comes to my hair I have dark, silky, shorter hair. However . . . when I was 26 I started getting white strands of hair growing around my crown. I plucked them. Now at age 40 I need to dye my hair because there is sooooooooo much white hair (thanks Grandma Hall) that it makes me look 80.

It's summertime. I don't dye my hair in the summertime. I swim everyday and it would wash that $60 "coloring" Tiffany, the best hairdresser in the world, uses to cover my white hair. I don't have enough $$$ to pay Tiffany $60 a month to color my locks, so I suffer.

Back to me sitting at the table laughing over the Cheeseboy's blog.

My son, Joshua, holds a small flashlight up to the back of my head. He picks through my hair like a lemur picking lice. I hear him mutter something. I ask him what he's doing.

He answers, "Yep mom. I found out where all of your white hairs are coming in. They are everywhere!"

Stay tuned for funny thing #2.

Photo credit: They are 2 crazy chics from NYC who have been extreme hair colorists since 1977.


  1. Ha ha! That is great. Snarky kids really are the best. 1 of my 2 is snarky and the entertainment never ends.

    "The funniest blog in the world"? Really? Well, I'll take it, even though I will deny that there is any truth to it. But for your kind comments, you have earned a spot on my "Cheeseroll".

    Also, so you went to BYU? That is fine, I suppose. I have a few BYU Cougars as friends, I suppose I can add one more. We are Utes forever and ever in my house.

  2. Cori! You are so cute!! And I just can't picture Josh snarky!! He is always the sweetest boy:)

  3. I have mostly white hair and am retired, so I just said 'to hell with it." I can no longer afford to color my hair. I'm 66, so I no longer care if I look 80. I sometimes feel 80, sometimes feel 35.

  4. I've embraced my Silver Goddess, but I know what you mean!!

    So funny, your son sounds like a hoot! I have a daughter like that, lol.

    I gave you one of my weekly awards which you can collect anytime for your sidebar if you like!

    Happy blogging!