Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pine Valley in July

We’re spending a couple of days in lovely Pine Valley, Utah, with my in-laws this week. The trip from Vegas to St. George was quick, but after stopping at 6 places in (hot, sweltering) St. George, we were thrilled to finally get to the Terry Cabin. Did I mention we have our two boys AND two dogs with us? (See picture above.)

[By the way . . . I’m not exaggerating about stopping 6 places in St. George. They were:
1) Yamaha store for a quad battery
2) paintball/violins/food storage store for paintball equipment
3) Smith’s to buy whip cream for my sweet mother-in-law
4) Marv’s (my uncle’s awesome burger joint)
5) In-laws house in St. George to pick up some stuff
6) gas station for gas. Let’s face it---we could’ve found about 4 more things to do if I’d had the money.

And the paintball/violins/food storage store is for REAL. I would say only in Utah, but there’s bound to be another one out there somewhere.]

Anyway, it’s a lovely 85 degrees here. I took 2 pictures from their porch. One faces north and one faces south. For those who haven’t seen this beautiful valley, here’s a glimpse for you.


  1. Glad you guys made it there after all those stops!

    PS: Was there a fire in Pine Valley recently? Why all the bare looking trees in the last pic? Curious...

  2. Pine Valley, Ut is one town I have never been to in Utah. Looks nice though. Hope that quad battery works for you. (We have them too and love them.)

  3. Pine Valley is pretty and they have a decent campground. The old Mormon church there was restored a few years back by the church and is still in use today. (That's where the hubby and I got married!) There's lots of our family history in this area too, so it's cool to visit.

    Let me know if you guys ever get over that way and we'll show ya around!