Friday, July 23, 2010

Empty Bed

Warning: I'm delving into serious stuff today.  (And trying my hand at poetry.)

Magpie #24. See if you are interested in reading other people's writing about this prompt.

Empty bed,

Empty house,

Empty heart.

Dreams crushed,



but the morning dawns with hope.

Dishes to clean,

Son to feed,

Clothes to fold,

A livelihood waiting to be earned.


bed is made,

house is full,

heart is healed.

Photo credit: Willow @
I don’t consider myself a poet. My sisters are better poets than I am. This poem is extremely personal to me though. My bed is where I cried for an entire night after realizing my first marriage was over and my husband was no longer the person I knew and cared for. I cried until my tear ducts were emptied---not exaggerating. It had never happened to me before. (And I’m a crier!)

I have tried countless times to capture the emotions I felt that horrible night, as well as the hope that dawned with the new day, without doing it justice. Here I finally feel like I’ve nailed it.

Thank you Willow for this picture and for giving me the inspiration and the opportunity to capture my feelings in print.

I truly believe there is hope even after horrible things happen to us. When one door closes, another door opens.

p.s. I remarried a friend from childhood who had also gone through a divorce. We couldn’t be better matched or happier. :o)


  1. Your Magpie was touching ~ and all the more so after reading about its inspiration and origin....

  2. I love this! Especially how it begins with the empty and ends with the full. Heartening, encouraging, as are you. :)

  3. The feeling is very real. Well done!

  4. yep- you nailed it! I too have been down that path and you are absolutely right! After the divorce I met the perfect man-my soul mate...aren't we lucky to have such bliss?
    Great post!

  5. Wonderful! So glad you healed. I, too, married for a second time to a childhood sweetheart and he has made my life Heaven where my first made it only Hell. You have created a small masterpiece here.

  6. Yes, even when hope seems is still there waiting to grow! Awesome Magpie!

  7. Its nice to see the inspiration behind the Magpie.
    Words well chosen

  8. Sometimes all it takes is a picture, a smell, a sound - to spark a memory. Thanks for sharing yours with all of us.

  9. This is a poignant description of your journey. I'm glad you could set it down and share it with us!

  10. Wonderful Magpie. Love that you gave the inspiration behind it after the poem. Glad you able to heal the heart.

  11. Nice poem - it's wonderful that your heart healed and love came again!

  12. Omgosh my story had a woman left in her bed by her husband but mine was just a story. I was so sad to read yours was real. I cried too when my marriage ended but in the shower where no one could hear me, I used to immerge with red eyes and washed washed hair!! i am totally healed now and wonder why I cried so much!

    Your poem said it all, well done especially as you said it was your first effort.

  13. I think it is a brave and beautifully written poem. If your sisters are better than you, they must be out of this world amazing.

  14. Cheeseboy---My sisters ARE amazing! One is Terresa, The Chocolate Chip Waffle blogger and poet and the other, Nicole, just had a poem published in a BYU Anthology. They make writing poetry look effortless. ;o)

  15. Christine---Thank you. I'm so glad you recovered as well. What we learn from life, huh?

  16. You express yourself well, with this poem. So glad that things worked out, in the end.