Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Confessions of a Quad Princess

I don’t know if I’m technically young enough to be called a princess. (Anyone know the cutoff age for princess?) Queen is probably more appropriate for me, but I don’t like the awkward way “Quad Queen” is pronounced.

My husband has very few obsessions. (I’m not at liberty to discuss them here, even if they are interesting and would make for excellent blog fodder. I have my morals and a hubby I love.) One of his obsessions is riding quads. He LOVES his quad and happily rides it just about anywhere when the weather is nice. (Not LV in the summertime.)

Here’s my confession:
I have a few obsessions myself: anything chocolate, reading, Twilight, writing, cooking, running. Notice that quad riding is not on my list. It’s not that I don’t like riding. I really, really like riding, but I don’t love it most of the time. My hair gets mashed, my face gets dusty, and I smell like I’ve been hanging out in a garage fixing old beaters.

Then why, you may ask, do you ride? I’ll tell you why.

I ride because my husband and I bought quads for all four of us to have adventures together. We wanted to give our boys fun memories of their growing up years. Some of our best family experiences have been because we rode. (Logandale Trails---even when you have to bring in your own water---is one of my favorite places to ride. See my old blog posting: The Legacy )

I ride because I enjoy seeing what’s over the next hill or around the next curve. I love the adventure of it.

I ride because we’re teaching our boys rules and respect. (Staying on the trail, no littering, wearing the appropriate gear.) They need to learn rules. Plus it’s good for them to pick up trash inconsiderate people throw down.

I ride because we are constantly learning----about the geology of the place we’re at, the trees, the plants, the animals, and the people who live/have lived there. I love learning new things.

I ride because on a quad you have access to areas people don’t have access to in cars. You can ride through amazing meadows, over red sand dunes, and through ancient forests. A majority of folks out there will never see these places because they're stuck in a car on a road or highway.

Lastly, I ride because once in a while when the trail is smooth and I can go really, really fast---it feels like I’m flying.


  1. Quad princess, love it!!

    Take a ride around the mnt for us! :)

  2. Quad princess is a great description. We call them four wheelers and we have two and my wife loves to ride too, but "four-wheeler princess" does not really work.

  3. Cheeseboy---We also call them 4 wheelers, but I agree with you, "four-wheeler princess" does NOT really work. ;o)

  4. If you prefer princess over queen, be a Permanent Princess!

    Loved this post - I have a yearning for 3 quads now =)