Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where I'm From

I don't know why this picture imported into Blogspot sideways and I'm not sure how to rotate it, but I wanted to share the idea with you, the reader.

This is a poem prompt that I use with my 7th graders. It's fun and fairly easy for them to use the template to brainstorm. After all, it's all about them!  I give them an example of my own work  to show them. If you're stuck with nothing to write about, use the template yourself. You'll be amazed at what you come up with.

The poem below is mine from last year. Hope you enjoy!

"Where I'm From"

                                                          "I'm from Las Vegas,
The golden city of gambling and lights,
A city that like a siren calls to gamblers everywhere.

I'm from old-school Vegas,
With its mafia kids, open deserts, and 10 high schools.

I'm from my parents' house,
Big and noisy,
A crystal clear pool and green paved tennis court,
Roller skates, bikes, and big wheels,
Full of life and laughter.

I'm from Cedar Mounatin,
Fresh air, miles of green trees, and blue lakes and streams.
I'm from summers in the mountains with my grandparents,
                                     Building forts, drinking pop, and walking to the
                                                             store for ice cream.

                                                       I'm from Christmas mornings,
Up before dawn, waiting for Grandpa and Grandma,
Opening presents and eating candy.

I'm from my Mom---
Her face, her hair, her baking skills, her optimism.
I'm from my Dad---
His grit, his temper, his desire for knowledge.
I'm from my Grandpa---
His nose, his love of animals, his thoughtful ways.
I'm from my Grandma---
Her stubbornness, her zest for life, her feistiness."
Copyright 2011 Corrina L. Terry


  1. Old school Vegas. Awesome. This was such a great piece. I may use it with my students, but change it a bit.

  2. Ahh, mafia & 10 high schools, those were the days. You know I had to read this once I read the title! :) Here's to more life & laughter!