Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung! I love this time of year. Everything is green (in Vegas this is a very short period of time--- February through early June), the air is cool, and it even rains once in a while.

Our Spring Break is exceptionally late this year. It begins Monday and, for me, marks the true beginning of spring. I'm sooooooooooooooooo ready for it! The kids at school have been so squirrelly they'll barely do a lick of work and I'm sick of waking up in the dark at 5:30 am every morning. A week off travelling to Cali and Utah are just what the Doctor ordered.

So here's a toast to spring: Hope our allergies are mild, our grass is green, and our heating bills are low! Bottoms up! ;o)

Copyright 2011 Corrina L. Terry
Photo credit: Unknown (I found it years ago.)


  1. Went for a hike to Red Rock the other day & yes, there were green things everywhere! Weird & wonderful & rare!

  2. PS: Enjoy your spring break!!!

  3. Thank goodness! And it's about stinkin time! Enjoy Utah.

  4. Spring is VERY late! At least it seems to be here now :)