Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pine Valley Poetry Part 2

Pioneer Chapel

I climb the steep staircase and
 walk through the wooden doors,
  into a pioneer chapel,
   into the past.

I wonder whose hands built this beautiful house of God?
Who cut the trees, sanded the wood for the pews?
Who laid the caramel-colored floors?

Who sat where I sit today, worshipping the Lord
 or praying for a sick child
  or for a crop to grow?

How many marriages began?
How many babies blessed?
How many testimonies have been given here?
How much faith has grown in this room?

The generations before me,
their love,
their hopes,
their sorrows,
their faith,
resides in this place.
This pioneer chapel.
© Corrina Terry 2010

Steve's Aunt Hannah & Uncle Oral painted this beautiful plate for us as a wedding gift. I LOVE it! It holds the center space in my china hutch and makes me happy every time I see it. Steve and I were lucky enough to be married in the Pine Valley Chapel almost 3 years ago. (His mom was the R.S. President and we got special permission to have our wedding there.)

Every time I walk into the chapel I wonder about the early pioneers to Pine Valley. Who were the people who built this gorgeous little chapel? Who sat in the pews, who lived their lives in this place? What were their hopes and dreams?

I've done a little research on them preparing for this and the previous Pine Valley poem. I found out they sacrificed a great deal to build a life here. They had joy and they had sorrows. I am grateful for them and can't wait to meet them all someday. :o) This poem is dedicated to them.


  1. Perfect post for Conference time.

  2. I like it--you make the chapel come alive.

  3. Cori, this is beautiful.

    While I reading this post, I'm thinking, there's a story/novel in Pine Valley, have any been written yet? I can picture it now...authored by you! :)