Monday, October 18, 2010

Open Door

Magpie #36
Thinking she heard a strange noise, Ani walked from her bedroom to the back door. She had recently bought the old house. It was in near perfect condition, had character and was close to her job downtown, yet the neighborhood still had a suburban feel.

Her back door was a Dutch door, split in the middle, allowing both the top and bottom halves of the door to open independently. It was made of solid oak and stained a dark brown. Four small window panes in the top half of the door allowed light in and Ani to see out. The back yard was fenced and private; an oasis in the city, but she was always cautious and kept her doors locked.

“Why is that door open?” she muttered to herself as she crossed the family room to close it. Not noticing anything out of place Ani went on with her morning – emptying the dishwasher, fixing a lunch to take to work, and eating breakfast.

Before leaving for work she ran back to her bathroom to brush her teeth and check her outfit one more time. As she walked back through the family room to gather her things and leave, she stopped. The top half of the Dutch door was open again!

“What the . . .?” Ani’s puzzled expression changed to horror as the top half swung shut and locked her in.

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I couldn't help creating a Halloweenish theme with this week's Magpie! I love Halloween and spooky stories. Hope you enjoyed this one.  :o)


  1. Great - it is perfect for the season and the prompt!

  2. This is getting good. You're freaking me out here.

  3. .....and the house would be straight up for sale that afternoon if it were mine.....!

    I do love spooky stories, one's like these that you can elaborate on or totally surmise about! Well done!

  4. Sounds like the ghostly happenings at Willow Manor!

    Every time I visit your blog, I leave with the blues song "Corrine, Corrina" in my head! :)

  5. sounds like the ghosts are having a bit of fun with dear Ani

  6. Love a good mystery -- was it Willow's ghost? nice.....


  7. Oooh, the last sentence is soooo creepy, nails the story shut into a world of horror!! :) Stephen King, watch out!!

  8. I think that house has issues! gave me shivers there at the end, awesome finish. I do love me some good horror.