Friday, October 22, 2010

Moving On

Magpie #37
She placed the mirror on the bed and looked into it. Nothing. How she missed her reflection! Looking down at her body she knew she fit in okay. Her clothes came from The Gap; her flats were from Dillard's. She looked like every other college student in town, just a college student who didn't have a reflection.

There were times she regretted giving up her human life. Never growing older had it benefits, but when her younger brother finally passed away 15 years ago at age 87, she was left alone in the world. Her brother had been her friend, her rock, and her last living relative.

Their father died first. She had been only 10 when he'd passed from a heart attack and could barely remember him. Their mother had gone to work to support them, placing much of her brother's raising on her young shoulders. She'd had a time or two when she felt overwhelmed, but for the most part she'd been happy to help her mother raise her little brother. Mother died when she was a late teen, leaving the two siblings without another relative to turn to.

It was 1924 when she was turned. She'd sacrificed herself to save her brother from HIM. She'd pushed her brother away, yelling at him to run, sacrificing herself so that he could survive. At that moment she had thought death was at hand and hadn't realized the monster before her might keep her alive and make her in his image. She still shuddered at the memory.

Over the years she had flowed in and out of her brother's physical life, not wanting to arouse the suspicions of his neighbors or friends. They'd kept in contact mostly through letters and phone calls. Even 15 years after his death she missed him with an ache that hurt her heart.

She picked up the mirror from her bed and hung it back on the wall. It was time to go.

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  1. there are some backsides to eternal life....i like the nod toward the macabre here...i was fascinated with vampire stories growing up....

  2. Steph Myer, watch out!! Here come Corrina & her vamps! :)

  3. These posts keep getting better and better. You have got some major talent.

    As for Steph Myer, I'd read your stuff over her crud any day!