Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Normal Person

Magpie #29

She could hear him yelling again. Sitting on her balcony in the cool Southern California fall morning, Jen could hear her famous next door neighbor screaming at the top of his British lungs. Unfortunately the trees and bushes between their properties were not enough to keep out the sound of a loud human voice.

“Geez, again?” she muttered to herself, as shaking her head, she turned her attention back to her morning paper and cereal bowl.

Living next door to a true-blue movie star had seemed exciting at first. Paparazzi were almost always hanging around out on the street. Cars came and went. Jen could only wonder at who was in them and why so many people were necessary for one man, as she never recognized their faces. Once in a while Jen caught glimpses of the famous man, his close-cropped dark hair and fantastic body, sans shirt, standing on the stairs by his back door, talking on his cell phone. The sight of him took her breath away.

Over the months she’d gotten used to the noise on her quiet street in the canyon. She’d lived there for five years, quietly living and writing. Her parents had passed away leaving her a great deal of money, so she’d purchased this house. Her house, while small compared to her neighbors' homes, was sheer heaven to her because she could write in peace. But her sexy neighbor had changed things. The paparazzi, the cars full of people coming and going, had interrupted her once blissful existence.

“What the bloody hell?” she could hear him yell from next door. More curse words could be heard over the canyon breeze and the birds chirping. His English accent gave even curse words propriety. Jen sat up and turned towards his house again.

He stood there at his back door, shouting into the phone and gesturing with his free arm. His eyes caught hers. She froze.

“Crap!” she thought. “I’m busted eavesdropping and watching him,” but she couldn’t move. He sighed, defeated, still holding her eyes. Ending the conversation with a close of his phone, he gave her a sad smile and waved one hand. Jen waved back, smiling a cheerful grin that she hoped masked her embarrassment at getting caught.

“Hey---would you like to come over for some coffee?” he shouted.

Stunned, Jen looked around and behind her. “Me?” she called back, pointing at herself.

“Yes, you,” he chuckled. “I could use a normal person to talk to this morning. You look fairly normal. Are you normal?”

Jen laughed and shook her head at him. “Normal? Me? Not quite, but . . . I’ll be over in a sec.” Intrigued by his request, Jen carried her empty cereal bowl and paper inside and shut her balcony door. “What the heck? What do I have to lose?” she thought.

Grabbing her keys she checked her appearance in the mirror before walking next door.

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  1. i imagine quite a few celebrities would not mind hanging out with a few normal people...i cant imagine the spotlight being very comfortable...nice magpie!

  2. The magpie brilliance continues.

  3. Cheers to the normal people! Great idea, well told!

  4. very nice, so well written, i loved reading this, so fun. I love normal people, they rock my socks!