Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gorilla Snot

My hubby called me from Walmart the other day. Here's how our conversation went . . .

Hubby: "Hey, I just saw this hair stuff called Gorilla Snot."

Me: "No way! The boys would love it just because of the name! What does it do?"

Hubby: "It's hair gel. Should I get it? They don't really use hair gel."

Me: "Are you kidding?" (Picturing the hours of fun the boys would have with this product, thus staying out of trouble and keeping the mess in one location---the bathroom.) "How much is it?"

Hubby: "A couple of bucks."

Me: "Buy it!!!!"
Yes, there is actually a product called Gorilla Snot. The hubby brought it home and the boys went nuts. Here's the proof.

Whoever had the fantastic idea to invent this product and the name of it (which 10-year-old boys find so cool) I want to hug them. I hope they become millionaires. If it helps my guys want to style (and actually comb) their hair, I'm thrilled. So thank you Gorilla Snot inventors. You deserve an award. By the way, we aren't too busy for commercials and work for cheap. ;o)


  1. Oh great, now I need to go get some.

  2. Knew you couldn't resist Cheeseboy!!! I bet my brother will go buy some too. ;o)

  3. Does it set as firmly as Gorilla Glue? Then they'd only need to comb once.

  4. This stuff looks great! I feel an Hall infomercial/SNL skit coming on...