Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning


As you can probably tell from the title and the pic above, this post is about Spring Cleaning or "What-Better-Things-Do-I-Have-to-Do-on-My-Spring-Break???" I really do have better things to do (like write, read books, and catch up on my Netflix list), but the work needs to get done before I can play. We've been cleaning up and clearing out since Friday when I got home from work. I always have my little list of chores to tackle over Winter/Spring/Summer breaks; this was no exception.

As I was eyeballing the things I needed to clean/remove, my husband made a small comment about the "clutter" of pictures and knick-knacks around our family room. (I had been looking at the build-up of old magazines on the coffee table.) I took offense. I really shouldn't have. He wasn't trying to be mean, but I didn't feel good and I hate change, so I freaked out just a little. Anyway . . . after I calmed down, I realized he was right. I removed a majority of the photos and knick-knacks and it looks cleaner in there, plus there's less to dust!

Why did I mention dust??? Have I ever told you that I DETEST dusting? I pay/bribe my kids to dust for me. They are boys. They don't really like it either, but they like the $$$ I offer or the treats I provide. If they won't do it, which is a lot lately come to think about it, it doesn't get done very often. Our little old house has little old windows that welcome the desert dust in with open arms. Heck, they throw parties!

So here I am on my Spring Break, DUSTING (gag) and clearing out stuff, and wiping baseboards (who invented those stupid things???) and my son tells me my hands are all rough and I notice my nails are chipped and gross looking, and I'm sneezing (a cold + allergies), and I want to quit, but I don't. (Deep breath.) The house looks better. My shoulders feel lighter with less stuff in our house, and I feel good giving things away to a better cause.

So Spring Break Cleaning, bring it! We're almost done clearing out! We're almost done dusting! (Even if it will be dusty again tomorrow.) And dog-gone-it, we're happy with the results!

Copyright 2013 Corrina L. Terry
Photo credit: http://tubarks.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/spring-cleaning.jpg


  1. Good for you! I tend not to notice the dust that is above my eye level. Which leaves plenty of room for dust to accumulate...