Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Beacon

Magpie 50

I headed down a snowy road,
sure of the path I was taking.
Never doubted my course;
my will was strong,
I was certain of the choice I was making.

God had other plans for me.
He tried to state the way.
But so focused I was on the route,
I tromped on.
And didn't hear what He did say.

Startlingly, up in the sky,
A beacon I did see.
It pointed me towards the right,
Towards eternity.

I stopped and stared;
Much humbled,
And followed the sign He gave.
No regrets I've had,
Nor remorse I've felt,
For it was my soul He did save.

Corrina Terry
Copyright 2011
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  1. ...and that has made all the difference.
    Very nice!

  2. Beautiful, heartfelt piece, Corrina.

  3. Thanks ladies!

    I love this picture Tess! It's pretty much how God speaks to me. I get so focused on what I'm doing, I often forget to ask Him WHERE I should be heading.

  4. Lovely, did you submit this to Ensign yet?