Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Calendar Ideas

Every year I look forward to buying a new calendar to hang on my kitchen wall. This year my son, J, bought me a great one for Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised and love it!

That got me thinking . . . what if I could buy everyone I know a calendar? Here are some ideas I came up with.

For the (2) liberals in my life.
American Tea Party Wall Calendar

The many conservatives in my life.

365 Audubon Songbirds a Year Calendar    
 Bird calendar for Tiffany, my bird-loving friend.

For my office worker friends.

                                                                The sea lovers.

Ansel Adams 2011 Calendar >> Ansel Adams >>
The shutter bugs.

The cat lovers.

The busy moms.

Every tween and teenybopper who thinks this kid is talented.

Justin Bieber 2011 Wall Calendar

The rednecks.
Outhouses 2011 Wall Calendar

The nerds.
Lunar Year 2011 Wall Calendar

The dog lovers.
Yellow Labs 2011 Wall Calendar

My mom.

The trivia buffs.

Not my hubby! Maybe yours?SI Swimsuit 2011...

The Chuck Norris fans! (Who knew you could buy a calendar of this guy???)

Chuck Norris 2011 Wall Calendar

The gun lovers.2nd Amendment Wall Calendar

My dad. Ford Mustang 2011 Wall Calendar

Calendar 2011: Monet, ClaudeThe art lover.

For the horse lover.2011 Calendar, Draft Horses calendar 

I have no idea.
Tattooed Librarians of the Pacific Northwest calendar

Copyright 2010 Corrina L. Terry.
Photo credits: Various photographers and artists.


  1. Hmmm, how about the last one for your sister! ;) Hehehe. I still get a kick out of that, after all these years of knowing her!

  2. I love calendars! bought a few myself, for myself, last month! The outhouses, Fact or Crap, and of course, the Tea Party calendar were my faves, you listed.

  3. I love the last one, but the Mary Engelbreit is a family tradition, My mom buys one for all the girls. It isn't Christmas without the calendar. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Here we are, three days into January, without a current calendar in the house. I guess we'll have to live in the past a little longer.

    The Sierra Club definitely beats the Tea Party in terms of visual appeal. I'm more of an art-loving nerd. I don't recognize any of the librarians, but that's a hilarious calendar concept!

    By the way, thanks for the card. J looks just like you! And maybe he's developing the same good taste.

  5. Teresa--Thank you!!! :o)

    Tiffany--I found a calendar for you!

    Thanks everyone else for your fun comments! :o)

  6. Count me in for about 5 of those! Bet you can't guess which 5.

  7. Kylie---What kind of calendar are you???

    Cheeseboy--- 1. Sierra Club 2. Dilbert 3. Justin Bieber ;o) (Ha ha ha!) 4. Fact or Crap and 5. Chuck Norris

  8. Tattooed librarians of the Pacific Northwest, love it! ;)