Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Voted

Regardless of how this election turns out, I voted. I am grateful for the opportunity to vote. Scary to think there are countries in the world where women cannot vote. (They are Bhutan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, by the way. There are others where NO ONE votes and the Vatican where only men vote due to the religious reasons.)

I've been thinking this last week about my beliefs and my political leanings. Because of my conservative Republican views I have lost friends and have been dumped from Facebook friends' lists, had a Bush (2004) sign burned in my yard, my cars egged, been yelled at, flipped off, and fists shaken at me because of my bumper stickers. Why? Why has there been so much anger and hatred thrown at me because of my beliefs?

Do they think due to the pressure I'll suddenly change my mind and become liberal? Really? The more grief I get the more I think that "the road less traveled" is the way to go. Do I really want my beliefs in line with the mainstream media and Hollywood?

I've never dropped a friend because of their political point of view. I try (really hard) to understand where my liberal friends are coming from and politely listen to their opinions. I've never dumped anyone from Facebook based on their political rants/view points. (Trust me, I've considered it, but have refrained.)

I've never burned a political sign in someone's yard, ever. I can't imagine what kind of anger or hatred would provoke someone to do so. I have never egged cars with pro-Democrat/liberal stickers on them. (That seems so childish to me, not to mention desperate.)

I don't yell at, flip off, or shake my fists at those who are liberal minded and shout it out with stickers on their cars. Why would I?

Here's a hint why I wouldn't. It's America folks. We're ALLOWED to have opposing points of view and still live in the same country. If someone burns my signs or eggs my cars, they take away a tiny piece of my freedom of speech. Taking away another person's freedom in this country is unconstitutional. It's WRONG.

If you find yourself with unpopular political viewpoints don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. I do.
Corrina Terry © 2010
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  1. That's right! (Are there any women in the Vatican?)

  2. I feel good about being a part of the solution, about being involved and associating and making bonds with good people like you!
    Conservatives have a totally different mindset than progressives and it couldn't be more obvious than today. Your statements and observations are spot on. We like to win by really winning, not by little tricks that are not on the up and up and can't be done in the open. I feel we are learning how to be more organized, some of the tricks that are helpful and legal and fair---Guess, you have to play the game. I don't dump friends with different views either...it's easy when you are in a cause backed by truth, to be a little more tolerant than those who's arguments are based on greed and jealousy...not a good combination, if you ask me.
    So sorry about Reid, not just for your district and state, but for the entire country.

  3. Thanks ladies! Means a lot to read your kind words. I'm right with you Pedaling. Thanks. It's been a hard day.

    T---At the Vatican cardinals vote for the Pope---no women allowed to vote on that. Otherwise they have no voting. Weird huh?

  4. I joked & told Ben I might just switch to Democrat. He was horrified. Then we both laughed.

  5. Your experiences are a downright shame. Although I have never had someone burn a sign in my yard, I have felt very similar as a democrat in very conservative Utah. Once a woman that had seen a sign in my yard, told me at church that I was on Satan's side and that I was "going against the brotheren."

    It's a shame that these hateful things have to happen and there is so much misguided hate.

    (I have to tell you, I did vote for several Republicans yesterday, some of which I think will be outstanding)

  6. I'm always arguing that point. My in-laws are conservative Republicans. Slowly, the discussions have been turning toward the liberal side, thanks to my husband's brothers' wives and 1 girlfriend (there are 5 boys in the Madsen family). Now, I feel awkward to say anything that contradicts them. Why don't THEY feel that way? It's OK for them, but not for us??!! That's not a healthy democracy. I'm so very disappointed that Harry Reid won. Sickened, actually.