Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gratitude 2010

I am grateful for . . .
1. My patient, loving husband, Steve, who despite my bouts of PMS and OCD he still sees that I'm at "bundle of opportunities."
2. My son, Joshua. I go to sleep every night thanking Heavenly Father for my little guy. He may think I'm not very cool, but I still remember when I changed his poopy diapers!
3. My son, Andrew. When he is happy, his joy is contagious and (I think) he enjoys having a brother and being part of a family, even if it means me as a step mom.
4. My family. The "zany" Hall Clan can't be topped for excitement as well as support. Love you guys!!! The Rhodes' and Terry's have welcomed me into their families unconditionally. Thanks for putting up with me!
5. My friends. From elementary school through high school to college and beyond, I am grateful for friends who loved and supported me through the ups & downs of life. Thank you!!! I hope I've given you as much as you've given me.
6. My testimony. I always took my faith for granted. I never realized how priceless a testimony and belief in God was until someone tried to destroy it. Talk about an eye opener! Suddenly the "things" of life (money, success, a big house) meant nothing to me; my belief in God and in Jesus Christ were most important.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Photo credit: The Love and Gratitude Group  http://www.cocreatingourreality.com/group/theloveandgratitudegroup?commentId=1996603%3AComment%3A532854&xg_source=activity


  1. Love your list, esp #4! :) Happy Turkey day, we'll either catch you Friday or in a few weeks, after we thaw from the UK chill. :)