Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Delicate Dance

The delicate dance of the week,

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (we’re halfway there,)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, then Sunday’s (finally) here.

Piano, spelling, chores, church,

Homework, lunches, Scouts, school,

Math, practice, dinners, delays.

We dance from day to day,

   from week to week,

     from month to month,

        from year to year.

This intricate, exhausting dance.

This poem is dedicated to my sweet husband, Steve, who is my partner in this crazy dance we call life.


  1. This made me exhausted just reading it.

  2. Ha ha! I bet your life is just as busy Cheeseboy! Or ask your wife---her's is!!! ;o)

  3. What a sweet post/poem, Cori! Did Steve read it (does he read your blog?)

    Hope you have a good week, thanks for being a patient, understanding sis. (I heard an ear-ful from E. tonight about M. getting this and that and her not getting equal stuff/time/attention. SIgh -- I wonder where she gets *that* from??????? :) If only I can help her unlearn it, as I, myself, apparently, am still learning...