Sunday, June 27, 2010


Picture credit: Magpie Tales

Short story below is also posted on Magpie Tales, Mag 20: . She takes fun pics for writing prompts if you are interested in adding your writing to her blog!
He set the toothbrush down on the bathroom sink and turned to her. Anni took his breath away. She was the mother of his children, his best friend, his wife, and his love. Wiping his mouth with a towel, he smiled. Morning gave her sleepy eyes and mussed up hair. That didn’t matter. She was still beautiful.

Anni looked at him in surprise. “What?” she said, smiling, her eyes narrowing at him suspiciously.

“I love you.” He tossed the towel on the counter and stepped over to her. She opened her arms to him. He held her tightly. They gazed at one another, happy in the moment. Anni leaned up for a kiss.

From the closed bedroom door a knock could be heard. “Mom? Dad? We’re hungry!! We’re hungry!!” small children chanted.

He sighed. Anni sighed. They chuckled at themselves and the timing of their children. Their moment would have to wait.


  1. smiles. a tender moment...having two boys i am all familiar with this one...nice magpie!

  2. It's these precious seconds in our lives that add up to one huge wonderful life! Nice writing...

  3. sometimes, children are the most reliable birth control.

  4. Sweet days....I well remember.

  5. I wonder how many moments i robbed from my parents? Very sweet story.

  6. I add two more cause this is just plain Sweet..too too sweet!