Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Hard to be 40

This post is dedicated to the dreaded 40th birthday and all of the women in the world who must endure it!

It’s Hard to be 40

My mouth is a dry desert

yearning for water constantly.

My mind is a colander

losing thoughts and important things.

My body is a faded image

changing from curvy to straight.

My face is a wrinkle farm

hugging my eyes and mouth.

My elbows are sharp sticks

poking my husband in his sleep.

My teeth are cracked porcelain

keeping my dentist in business.

I wonder what 50 will be like?

(Based on the children’s book “It’s Hard to be Five,” by Jamie Lee Curtis.)

Photo credit: Corrina L. Terry and her Sharpie

While I've been whining the last week or so about my upcoming 40th birthday it's to hide my true feelings. I've been panicking. I want to hide in bed. I want run away. Crying doesn't seem to help. A birthday is not something one can hide or run from though. It comes no matter what. Lying seems like the only option, but I hate lying. Besides, I stink at it, just ask Steven J. 

So I take a deep breath and shoulder the year. I can do it. Yes, I can. I can suck it up and admit to myself that I'm getting oldish. Older. For-ty. FORTY! Yikes! Where did the time go? Somebody pass me the chocolate.


  1. I am right there with you, plus I can't keep track of how old I really am so I have been telling people I'm 40 all year, even though I have a few months left of 39! But, you look awesome and definitely not 40! Besides, ask Jeffrey how old you are, I have him convinced that women start counting their age down from 29.

  2. Great poem!
    But you're not old yet. L. Tom Perry told about one of his milestones: "I was passing from middle age to old age with my 80th birthday." (Ensign, Sep 2006, 8) I guess if we can keep smiling like he does, the middle can last a good long time.
    Happy birthday, anyway!

  3. First of all, this is a great poem, Cori. Honest, telling, truthful.

    My favorite lines were:

    My body is a faded image

    changing from curvy to straight.

    Secondly, you make 40 look good. Darn tootin' good! Now get on your dancing shoes & go out & dance!!! :)

    Happy birthday, sis!

  4. I turn 40 this year, too. So, I take a big gulp right along with you. All I can say is what my mom always tell me: 40 is better than the alternative. Thanks, Mom, she says sarcastically.

    Celebrate it, sister. it really is better than the alternative. Mom was right after all.

    Happy birthday!

  5. Hmmm....maybe the horror hasn't hit me yet?

  6. much harder when your "baby" sister turns 40...
    Then your baby cousins...
    Now I KNOW I'm old.

    Yikes is right!



    Oh, and Happy Birthday!!! I LOVE birthdays! just not so much the number any more. ;)