Monday, July 27, 2009


Most people, especially women, hear the words "mother-in-law" and break out into a cold sweat. Not me. I have been blessed with 2 of the best mothers-in-law a gal could ask for.

My first mother-in-law, Darlene, loves reading mystery novels, like me. She is quiet and soft-spoken (not like me.) She loved me and included me in her family from day one. She was never nosy or judgemental, even when I was young married wife and not-so-smart. She could have easily been upset with me. That's not her way.

I cherish the quiet conversations we've had about life, children, and books. She wouldn't give me up as a daughter-in-law, even when her son and I divorced. She loves me still the same. That has amazed me.

Darlene has struggled with MS for many years and is in a wheelchair for most of the day now, but her happy attitude hasn't changed. She is not angry or upset with her lot in life. She is still a loving wife, mother, and mother-in-law. She is a great example for her family of enduring life's difficulties with a smile.

My second mother-in-law, Rhodell, came into my life by way of my second marriage. Rhodell reminds me of my mom. She is a tiny woman with a lot of energy; a firecracker! She is easy to talk with and a great leader. She and I both love gardening and cooking. Knowing her and her family for my entire life has given us much in common. I'd like to think that if she wasn't my mother-in-law, she'd be someone I would choose as a friend.

She and my father-in-law had a his, hers, and ours family. She was divorced with two small boys. My father-in-law, Lamar, was divorced with four small children. When they married she had six children under the age of five. (Yes, she's a saint and she didn't lose her mind.) She raised Lamar's children as if they were her own. Ten years after marrying Lamar, they decided to have more. I am so grateful for her desire to have more children. My husband is their youngest son.

Rhodell's experience of divorce and blended families has been a blessing my life. She has helped me through many difficult periods in my post-divorce and remarriage life. She is one of the women I know who has been through so much and is willing to talk about it and help others. Talking with her always makes me feel better. She is a great example of learning from life's challenges and never giving up.

So while other women cringe at the word, "mother-in-law," I smile. I am so blessed. Heavenly Father knew I'd need these two angels in my life.


  1. Love this post. And yes, you are blessed to have 2 awesome mom-in-laws!!

  2. I agree! While I may not have the opportunity of knowing my true mother-in-law (my husband's mother)because of her early death, my father-in-law's wife is such a wonderful blessing in my life.