Friday, December 20, 2013

A Very Terry Thanksgiving

Steve's parents, Rhodell and Lamar Terry, rented a giant cabin in Pine Valley, Utah, for Thanksgiving this year. They had all 9 of their living children there, along with most of the grandchildren and some of the great-grandchildren. It was also their 50th wedding anniversary.
Lamar and Rhodell are my heroes. They were both divorced with children in the 1960's when they met. They not only created a family with their (6 combined) children, they went on to have 4 more! Steve is their youngest son. We are so grateful for their faith in God and dedication to Him and the gospel. They have been excellent examples for me and Steve as we have created our own combined family.
Below are some fun pics from the weekend.

Lamar, Rhodell, Steve and his siblings.

This one is our Christmas picture this
year. It didn't turn out as good in print as it did here. (But I loved the fireplace in this cabin! Amazing mantel. I had to get a picture in front of it.)

Being silly.

I look tired. I was. I ran 3 miles in 31 degrees that morning. I just about froze my legs off. This Vegas girl is not used to the cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Love the guys in this photo. Not me so much.

 Gobs of grandkids!


You might ask, why the Bigfoot sign? Well, . . . someone in Pine Valley decided to create this lovely piece with the existing one. As of Thanksgiving weekend, it was still standing. Our boys got a kick out of it! I'd love to know who created it!
Photos: Corrina L. Terry, Chari Terry, & Hannah Mohler, Pine Valley, Utah, 2013.