Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pinewood Derby Blessings


You probably heard by now, Steve nearly severed his finger trimming Joshua's pinewood derby car. It was painful. It was ugly. (See pics!) It was scary to sit in the E.R. for 6 hours, surrounded by so many sick and weird people, but it was scarier to see Steve suffer. Josh witnessed the incident, but remarkably has no traumatic stress from it. Drew was with his mom, so was spared the gore.

Blood or guts do not freak me out much. What caused me the greatest, wincing pain was Steve having to go through this. My dad gave Steve a blessing where he was counseled to learn from this experience and really take it to heart. Not something Steve wanted to hear, I think.

Steve was a trooper, a real bear to live with at times, but a trooper. As I sat in church today, I couldn't help but think of (in my Pollyanna way) what were some good things about the sawing of his finger.

I'm glad Steve didn't actually cut the finger off.

I'm glad that Steve didn't hurt his hand, arm, chest, or any other body part.

I'm glad that the flying pinewood derby car (as it traveled through the air at a high rate of speed away from the saw blade) didn't hit Joshua. We could've had multiple injuries.

I'm glad that Joshua and I got to spend 5 hours together "alone" in the ER waiting room. We didn't know anyone else there, so we read aloud, talked, laughed, and people watched. He and I had dinner together alone (rarely happens) and spent a lot of time talking. It was good for him and me.

I'm glad that Steve got to spend a week off from work at night. This gave us time with him we don't normally have. The boys loved having him home at bedtime.

I’m glad that my dad shared his priesthood and gave Steve a blessing. It was beautiful.

I’m glad my mom had the idea for the blessing! We need to listen to our mothers more!!

I'm glad that people prayed for him, called him, and stopped by. It gave others a chance to serve someone.

I'm glad I got to have this experience with Steve. I know now how he'll probably be as an elderly person (especially if he's sick) and can prepare myself now.

I'm glad that we grew together as a couple from this experience.

I'm glad that Steve grew as a person from this experience. He's a different man that he was 2 weeks ago---in a good way.

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  1. Yikes! Like they say, trials either make us stronger or push us quicker to the grave...Looks like Steve is getting stronger. That's good!