Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunday, Steve, the Sacrament

A couple of Sundays ago Steve volunteered to take the sacrament to several elderly people in our ward. They couldn’t get out to church and had requested it brought to them. I love Steve for many reasons, but that Sunday Steve earned even more of my love and respect.

He had worked all night, had little sleep that morning, and had attended church with me for 3 hours. Our boys were with their other parents, so it could’ve been nap time, relaxing time, DVD time, or just plain alone time, but Steve volunteered because no one else would. I had never gone with a priesthood holder to offer the sacrament to others. I went with Steve because I was curious to see Steve in this situation (and it’s always fun to be with him.)

Taking the sacrament to those who can’t get to church is not a glamorous job. It takes patience, kindness, and tact. The people we visited were lonely and sometimes sad. We knew some of them and introduced ourselves to others. We were welcomed into their homes. Steve very solemnly blessed and passed the sacrament to each of the 7 people we visited. I watched him perform this sacred duty and was proud of him. It was another side of him I was able to witness.

Some of the members hadn’t been able to attend church in months. They wanted to chat. We listened, we reminisced about old wards and people we knew, we looked for lost keys, met a cute cat, and even looked for a missing remote control. We learned a little about each elderly brother or sister we visited. These were gifts to me. (I love hearing stories people tell.) I was worried about Steve though. I knew he was tired and needed sleep before going to work that night.

Even though he was exhausted, Steve continued until we had been to each home. My love for Steve grew as I watched his gentle kindness towards these brothers and sisters. I was blessed that day to spend time with my amazing husband while he performed a service for those who needed it.


  1. Absolutely amazing. My love for my own husband grows as I see him magnify his calling, or does something with the priesthood that is completely unexpected. Congratulations on finding such an wonderful man!

  2. I was in the hospital for this last baby on a Sunday and they asked if I was LDS and would like the sacrament. I said, sure, not really realizing how it would all work. Two older couples showed up a little while later. The men took turns kneeling on the hospital floor to bless the bread and water. I have never been so humbled. It was such a blessing to me.